The pace of time

I looked out of the window, the sun - scorched, continuing the birds cry echoed in the silence of the afternoon, such as weather, let many people choose a sweet nap to spend a hot afternoon, no class time, always so comfortable lazy. I have no habit, others in the sleepy, I often is a sober. Awake time, thoughts are likely to become Watanaga Watanaga.
A time is coming to an end, this is I the first summer in Zhengzhou. I often feel very strange, he had what is reluctant to change from now on I have never thought calmly, attitude in life. But time passes quickly, a lot of things in the so inadvertently quietly. Looking back this year, I did not catch a memory node, just remember if open eyes closed at that moment, role change, attitude change.
Clearly remember the day last year, I was wearing a white shirt and red trousers, busy to 3.1 lives, in the familiar campus, cherish a few days. Occasionally looked up and have a look above the blackboard countdown, the heart is also a bit more safely, everything is no big change, just waiting for the dust has settled at the moment. Things seemed to happen very natural, end, leave, selection, went, everyone tacitly farewell to the past, to greet the new life. But to me, it seems to adapt than I imagined to be a lot easier, at least not hysterical cries of grief and despair, nor capricious fling caution to the winds to escape. Life is what I expect those beautiful, naturally many disappointed. The south to the north across not only the Qinling Mountains Huaihe line, and those you have to accept the life habits and the humanities accomplishment. From resistance to calm, I regard it as growth. Time to go, I go, to an increasingly unfamiliar himself. In a changing life, time is the greatest thief, steal our naive, stole our self willed, stole the don't be naive, let us become a deadpan adult. In the adult world, everything is not so simple, we have to consider sometimes appear so heavy, those related to the topic of the future and dream always particularly exciting. I know that everyone wants to become a better yourself, but the reality is too skinny, time flows away is gone, and we are still in place.
Every June the parting. In the past few days, everywhere is wearing a gown for graduation photos of the seniors, or good or bad, for their part, the four year is coming to an end. Their faces filled with free at last smile, who can see some people in the hearts of the lonely, and I also like them to see his shadow after three years to four years, and be together morning and night students more rushing things end, want to go to a place to start their own life, to alone to deal with future will face the unknown and confused... More complain and regret, also can become a thing of the past. What really happened to meet people, after the turn will inevitably become a little unreal. Time to walk the road, not the pace of youth, speed is not slow in no hurry, but let me feel like a dream, a dream for many years. We will one day in the future said time is really very not by the use of things, we think years lightly in a lot of things are not changed, but when we turn around and found everything changed, we think we are just ripe, but began to face the old sorrow. Just as the song sings: "..... Where did time go, also didn't feel young and old......"
Childhood always looked on tiptoe up time, there are countless beautiful dream, to the distant future and secretly brain injury, but in the soundless and stirless time, or wear a suit and tie, or smearing lipstick wearing high heels, in the mirror reflected the die like a young man, many troubles with such a like mature like naive attitude to deal with the world. The flow of time, carved out we face the vicissitudes of life, but also for our construction of the inner strength, and in time behind, those who can't wait to count the way as you grow older, the time footsteps heavy practical, confirms us one step more mature, I know I should not look back, just look at the the most perfect future encounter their own time.

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