Lan Shanqiu asked who received

Taihu temple, Du guest contact, a few people know about? The wandering where to tell? Your smile, the world is as usual. The most common are hard to find, a cloud of dust on the horse, appointment, Zhiqiu the guests leave, confidant hard to stay. The southern spring once again, red koji, Jun Wen Li a few heavy?
Foyun this impermanent, Qing that Zen compassion. Although the friends of the earth, Zhiqiu is not the ordinary passenger. Today friends did not go, I also often in. For he looked, friends no longer, my heart where? The stranger asked moss, empty sigh no autumn tone is somehow. I am convinced, orchid Xunran, your heart to Bodhi dust-free, self - imposed silent, it make Xuan wei.
I have a friend but cannot be asked, she had a song as long as warm for a long time, there is a bosom friend, but cannot be asked, she had been so beautiful should not, there is a friend but cannot be asked, she had a flash you gentle. If the life is a bosom friend, such as primary teeth, breaking in, if the life is a bosom friend, inky element pen, landscape as the bottom, if the life is a bosom friend, the event can not be for men, only the fashion color -- and have their guest, the chord with cold, and had their guest, he plum fold, still Zhiqiu guest, after heart grieved......
There is a bosom friend, such as Qing Mei Banli, Elizabeth has long silence. This world is willing to all of my friends, a moment of flood to stay. Do you remember? Your words to the students, Changan. Life was a confidant, this life without regret? Our talent, all paid no trace! This life who take on the Ming, boil tea cup, water villas, a cup of tea in the evening a book. My heart is hard to find, this present life, a friend is not full load -- perhaps, this life, I no waiting, knows the friend is hard to find, I no longer care.
There is a bosom friend, when the life to. A clear, my heart where disgraceful, brushed the salty, only my heart such as washing. Friends like this, who needs? After autumn, longitudinal life unfinished, also a world without regret. Soliloquy no solution, what meaning to talk? This don't heart perturbed, lest the friend not to encroach on, past continuous, of sadness. This don't rejoice, as well as ever, earthly rope for trussing up prisoners, there is clear in the.
There is a bosom friend, the autumn sound wanes to the close up. Fortunately, with the autumn sound is not go -- Wakaaki Onchengchiki, can I of Changan. The heart attain Benedict, this letter Ling Qing, if not, I will not abandon. When the words do not step back, not step in the evening, when meet, immediate permanent curtain. Both meet, what is sad farewell? After the autumn sound, sound more cold, time urgent stop, the autumn sound and cold voice is repeatedly turn, if the friend is not back, he in vain the whitehead.
Born lucky, a bosom friend. Not just eight words, such as part of War: Zhiqiu temporarily, when the graph will -- friends will do, autumn sound drunk, again how? Suddenly look back at their first met, screen bright, fragrance Qilan. Even if the ashes, I keep warm as ever meet. Even if the haggard, I envy a fragrance. Even though...... If the autumn sound drunk, I asked the friend not late.
Tonight my heart I no road -- West Weiyang, entangled into the line, autumn sound but felt no return? Since then, a friend, only to be friends. This paper from the autumn sound, the more unable to follow, I follow a blue butterfly, to lead the autumn sound relative. Even if mottled, since then, listen to the autumn sound without change, season, monocarpic, forever, no change. Since then, only waiting time stable, orchid Xin when complex. A well, I heart enron. If the autumn sound wanes, bosom friend wondered twilight.

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