Accompany you repair time

Button is opened in the childhood spent, are you leisurely stretch draw who eyes?
The flowers can be a smile. Pet you can draw.prada handbags sale
My flower of death over the years, I call it the memory. Buried in the nail, occasionally fragrance, people say I will raise a flower.
I wrote the letter, the three two line. You said, love. You know, you are I wrote, the most beautiful love letter.
I do not know, I do not know too much. Do not know, do not want to know, to know, don't know.

Typo thirteen strokes. Headstrong can you write poetry, but also to draw the line of life and death.
Indulge in the night, on the zipper, buttons did not sob, blame struggling, late at night.
Boiling void. A piece of water, land, SHANG.
Dormant in the years, long. A passive habit made signs.
Small time, liar. Speak sugared words have the gift of the gab, saliva can be sweeter than honey than with.
Drunk on the inside. Stubborn and never return.財務
Waste time. Who has not crazy depression in fantasy. Once people wake up two forget,.
Temptress refuses, don't dye temptress moon. The window does not open, deep garden still?
Be you who spoil? Passive I who glance? Staggered stance, halo whose eyes?
Would like to accompany you to repair time. Pocket only, cool, a pair of hands.
I thing. Talk insincerely. Say yes and mean no.
And the snow. Going home. Empty repeat some of the procedures, in order to reach a certain private.
Not many people care about, just spit covered. Not many people care about. The winter.
A little cold, is this season. To feel warm, surprise.
Button zipper give way to. I for you to write poetry and painting.
A sentimental, a passive. I bet the whole time, accompany you repair time.
Repair time, trance, wrong Jingwei, a mess you I.Interesting me a heartless world

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The gap between reality and network

Last year 2012 is the year of the Dragon thought should be a good start, but feel wrong.
Just over the years I alone back to Xi'an, this left me deep impression of the city. I found my friend last year struggle together, and together we flat-share house, he and I go out to busy to help me to find a job, find a job with his work, but not in the same company.headphone amp I entered the company felt a strange environment, encountered some strange faces. Just go to the day of interview, lonely is a person walking in the crowd, but do not know a person. But I told myself it was test themselves to adapt to the environment and to exercise their interpersonal process. The interview after the success, let me after two days of training and military training. I went to attend the training on time, met my first friend in where, is he spent with me a week's training life. We went to Xianyang power plant for a week of military life, this is my second time military training, military training is the first time in my life. I go to school in Xianyang, when the military training because I am unwell I leave, also caused the military made me very uncomfortable. We go to the military training base under a light rain, off we will divide the dormitory, just to the dormitory I and roommate has a. US military life seven days let me understand a lot of, feel tired, feel bitter, feel really is the good training under his. Military training. We then training, this training is about more than a month, the our corporation was officially opened at the end of the training day. I feel disgust for the job and the industry in more than 2 months, after the opening, I chose to resign, I left I just adapt to the environment and just built network of friends.

Where to stay at home I who also do not say, a lot of friends finally phoned me to say why I quit, I chose to say I want to go home. I get home every day is so boring and helpless, I am at home watch TV every day, become a real indoorsman. Slowly I know more, I want to give you some money for daily use. Everyday work from dawn to night, that is, my new life's work during the day, at night the Internet, which has become the first love of my life, not really began to pass. One day I was in my QQ Tencent micro-blog unintentionally boring found a girl who did not know, I can see her space walk, she seems to work in my previous job, slowly caught my attention. One day I take the initiative to send a message to ask us to understand it, she told her name, I told my name, but don't know. From the day I will always remember her name, it will become the first day we met. And then one day I saw her mood from the field back to Xi'an published, I asked her what, she said to me was in Shaanxi, I asked the Shaanxi to the Xianyang, she said. She asked me, I tell her I'm Jingwei area, she said she did not know, I asked her in Gaoling know, she did not know, I asked Xianyang Jingyang knew it, she knows. I asked her age, she asked me how old I was, I took his age to send information from QQ screenshots, she said to me, she also sent data. Then she asked me something to do tonight, dba programshe came back to flat-share Xi'an and friends from the field, friends home, let me online to chat with her. Tonight we talk a lot, after all, is it you, she told me about her previous life and her former boyfriend. Let me talk about my past, I feel my own past, and long long time have no memories, I would like to put the film put myself not forget the past speak again, from my primary school to enter the society, from the first to the single, from my home to Xianyang, from Xianyang to Shanghai, from Shanghai to Xi'an my past, I told her all the passions. She heard me say the past is should be put down, yeah don't put down what I can change. She said she just broke up with her boyfriend, Xi'an development will come back from the field, she says she can't put down and the former boyfriend of six years feelings, I advised her, smiling face every day, no one who cannot do without. So we talked at 3 o'clock, she said she like to sleep, but can't sleep, I said I was in the computer next to her, if you can't sleep and I continue to accompany her talk, know she fall asleep. This has been the three day we are the night chat late, late, slowly I was attracted to her. Every day I was watching the idol drama, waiting for her on the line, she told me she was looking for a job on the line, I said I have to find work, don't want to be a indoorsman. I asked her to find what kind of work, she said slowly, until one day she told me she found work. I remember in the July 7th Festival Eve, I really like to see her, I asked her how she said July 7th, myself, I said Oh, I think our relationship isn't to that time. On July 7th night, I call her when I asked her, asked her how she told me a lot, and friends, and friends to send her flowers,health supplements hong kong I said she's happy.

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